Introduction to the Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking Shariah Accounting Practices Technique of Shariah audit processes Islamic Financing contracts i.e. sales, participatory and agency modes Shariah compliance & Risk management in Islamic bank and Financial Institutions Legal and Shariah Documentations. Dispute resolution mechanism Shariah compliant commercial contracts The Shariah Governance framework and its application in a window model. The development of the Islamic finance and banking infrastructure The Islamic finance branding and marketing approaches. Customer Relationship management in Islamic Finance industry Treasury management in Islamic finance. Shariah compliant business advisory services on business development Project finance and investment Public education, awareness creation and public education programs Islamic finance industry research and development services Tailor special programs for Board of Directors and Shariah scholars Product development and innovation in Islamic Finance Asset and wealth management in Islamic finance. Estate management and Trustee services in Islamic finance. Trade finance services using Shariah compliant instruments. Risk Management in Islamic finance. Takaful services. Islamic Microfinance operations. Securitization techniques in Islamic finance. Change Management in Islamic finance. Zakat computation & management.
The Certified Islamic Banker The Certified Islamic specialist in Auditing The Certified Islamic specialist in Accounting The Certified Islamic specialist in Takaful Insurance The Certified Islamic specialist in Capital Markets The Certified Islmaic secialist in Trade Finance The Certified Islamic specialist in Governance and Compliance The Certified Islamic specialist in Risk management The Certified Islamic Bank Manager The Professional Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance The Professional Diploma in Shariah Auditing The Professional Diploma in Risk Management The Professional Diploma in Takaful insurance
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